Weekend Spotlight & Sale: Sisters of Wind and Flame by Jennifer Ellision


It’s time for another installment of Weekend Spotlight and today’s feature is for the YA fantasy prequel novella Sisters of Wind and Flame by Jennifer Ellision! Does that name sound familiar? I previously featured the first book, Threats of Sky and Sea here so I’m thrilled to share a guest post and some fun facts (How can you not love her FF#1?!) about her with you! She’s also having a holiday weekend sale, so act fast and get Sisters for FREE and Threats for 99 cents today and tomorrow! Here we go…

Review: The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost

The Beautiful Ashes

“I ran out of “normal” a long time ago.”—Ivy

Are you a fan of Jeaniene Frost? Whether you are or not, you need to check out her new paranormal romance/urban fantasy Broken Destiny series! I’ve got a review for you for her new release The Beautiful Ashes! Here we go…

“You’re the light I can never have…and I’m the darkness you’ll never succumb to.”—Adrian

Guest Post & Giveaway: Splintered Lies by Karen Lopp


Today’s feature is for the romantic suspense novel Splintered Lies by Karen Lopp! Can two detectives find love when one is undercover and the other has a price on her head? Before checking out the book, enjoy Karen’s guest post as she blogs about her journey into the publishing world! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end for a chance to win a copy! Here we go…

Review & Giveaway: Before He Was Gone by Becky Wicks


“What Stephanie said before on the beach was so right. There are people who are meant to make us run, and others who we’re meant to run right into.”—Alyssa’s thoughts

Time to head to a deserted tropical island with today’s feature! Check out the new adult romance Before He was Gone by Becky Wicks, including my review! Ten contestants will try to outlast each other to win a one million dollar grand prize! But for Alyssa and Joshua, an unexpected romance is a prize worth far, far more! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Here we go…

“This is my journey—just me, myself and I. And I’ve never seen the world the way I’m looking at it now.”-Alyssa

Review: Lingering Echoes by Erica Kiefer

Lingering Echoes cover

“There’s something about you…I don’t hurt as much when I’m with you. And I don’t know why.”—Allie

A year later and Allie is still struggling under the crushing grief of losing her beloved cousin. Forced to return to the place of her cousin’s death—and Allie’s own near drowning—for a summer vacation with her dad and his new family, she’s certain the summer before she goes off to college will be horrible, to put it lightly. Unexpectedly, she meets local bad boy Damien who is quite familiar with her constant companions—guilt and sorrow. Together, they’ll find the courage and strength to heal. That is, if Damien’s past doesn’t come back to destroy them first…

“It was nature’s purpose in life for all things to connect—to be together, but why did it have to be so difficult to define?”—Allie

Weekend Spotlight: The Secret of Crybaby Hollow by Cara Swann

Crybaby - High Resolution

It’s Weekend Spotlight time, which puts a spotlight on a featured book and author! This installment is for the romance mystery novel The Secret of Crybaby Hollow by Cara Swann! Is there something more to a local folk legend? In her guest post, “Old Legends Revisited,” you’ll get to learn how Cara brings a legend to life with an added dose of romance and mystery! Plus, check out her fun facts and see what you have in common! Here we go…

Review & Giveaway: The Real Thing by Cassie Mae

The Real Thing by Cassie Mae - Cover

“No one feels more right than Em.”—Eric

Even though they haven’t seen each other for three years, Eric and Emilia are still as best of friends as they were in high school. Thank goodness for the Internet! Now, Eric’s back from Samoa for good, and Emilia is staying with him while they work their summer jobs. These two best friends discover they can be more than best friends, but can their relationship survive insecurities and the Internet? The one thing that kept them close over the years may now be the very thing that drives them apart…

“You’re the real thing”—Emilia

Giveaway: Pandora Boxed Set

Night. Woman In  Mysterious Forest Launching Handmade Paper Cranes. Origami

Today’s feature is an awesome one for you paranormal fans! Check out this box set of *20* complete full-length stories! No cliffhangers! Even cooler—it’s only 99 cents! So, if you like ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shape-shifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more, you definitely need to check out Pandora Boxed Set! If you want to try your luck, make sure you enter the giveaway for a chance to win this box set! Here we go…

Guest Post & Giveaways: Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman


Today’s feature is for the young adult, paranormal romance Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman! Strange and unexplained occurrences seem to follow Kristyl. Could these strange happenings be tied to the small town of Clearwater, Michigan? But first, before checking out the book, enjoy Madeline’s guest post, “Getting Clearer: a Look into the Crystal Ball,” as she tells us a bit about the Clearwater Witches series, and get excited about this series! Don’t forget to enter the giveaways at the end! Here we go…

Weekend Spotlight, Freebie, & Giveaway: Guardians: The Girl by Lola StVil

guardians current revamp 6.10

It’s Weekend Spotlight time! Today’s feature is for the young adult paranormal novel Guardians: The Girl by Lola STVil! First, check out her guest post as she reveals how Guardians came to be, enjoy her author fun facts (mmm…who can’t say they agree with her FF#1!), check out her book and purchase for FREE, and then enter the giveaway at the end—5 lucky winners will win book #2 in the series! Here we go…