Reviews & Giveaway: Whispering Woods by Brinda Berry


“I wanted sounds to be sounds and not a rush of colors invading my brain like a psychedelic avalanche.”—Mia

Mia is a normal high school senior with a bit of a sensory overload problem. Well, that little bit turns into a huge problem as she’s pulled into an inter-dimensional investigation headed by two hotties. A gift? Are they seriously telling her having her sense wires crossed makes her special? Well, it makes her special enough for those hotties’ bosses to want her to join their team. And they’re not the only ones wanting to recruit her—no is not an option. And then there are those who want her dead…

“Mia, you are far from ordinary.”—Regulus

Review & Giveaway: Unbound by Georgia Bell


“I think I have a guardian angel.”—Rachel

Rachel is nothing more than an ordinary girl who has seen her share of death in her eighteen years. She wants safe; she doesn’t want to feel afraid anymore. So, ordinary is good. Except, when she finally confronts her guardian angel—the man haunting her dreams, stealing her heart, and keeping her safe in the real world—she’ll learn there are far more frightening things than dying. Her guardian angel turns out not to be a guardian angel; she’s being hunted by immortals; and the key to enslavement of humanity is in her DNA…

“All things must come to an end…or else, they are no longer good.”—Sabas

Review & Giveaway: Freedom by SA Wolfe


“Yeah, I can be a good guy—just send me off to the crazy house to get a periodic tune up.”—Dylan

Dylan has been tortured by his inner demons long enough and after finally getting the help he needed, he’s finally recovering. He’s got his regime: work, exercise, therapy, running, work, more exercise…no women, alcohol, or socializing. Life’s good. A little numb, maybe, but good. That is, until Emma shows up. She makes him feel. She makes him want to be a better person for her. She’s everything he never knew he wanted. But the past that she’s running from? It can ruin everything…

“Dylan was made to love someone.”—Emma

Dreamcast & Giveaway: Man of My Dreams & Keep Me by Faith Andrews

Man of my Dreams by Jesscia Faith_ebooklg

Today’s feature is for the contemporary romances Man of My Dreams and Keep Me by Faith Andrews! Man of My Dreams looks like such a great read for those of you who enjoy love triangles and wondering about the one that got away! As for Keep Me, what happens when a man who refuses to commit to one woman finally finds the one? Check the books out, including Faith’s dreamcast, and enter the giveaway to win a giftcard and swag! Here we go…